sums up my outlook on life surprisingly well.

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That moment when you scratch your beard and a few hairs embed themselves into your finger.

WTF hair?
Why would you do this to me?

Forbidden Love

The next time I hear someone start talking about how romantic tragically difficult relationships are I might lose it.

4chan has been working to assemble pictures to assist in the investigation around the Boston Marathon Bombing, and they appear to have some really interesting evidence.

At least from what is in these pictures, it seems to make perfect sense.

Deadspace 40k

Deadspace 40k


Animated Doctor HooOriginal Illustration by M.Dyer


Animated Doctor Hoo
Original Illustration by M.Dyer


me accidentally hitting the x and closing the window i was in


If you are using Google Chrome, then ctrl+shift+T will open up the last closed tab, not sure if Firefox does the same.

Figured I would try to get that news out there, it’s a handy shortcut.  : )

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